Conrad Hartz Ventriloquist Figure

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There are some figure makers today that are throw backs to a time gone by and Conrad Hartz is one of those few. He still makes his figures using basswood and hand carves them just like the old makers.

I am happy to present to you all this fine little fellow which was crafted by Conrad earlier in his career. This creation was done in the early manner of Frank Marshall’s earliest style figures. The head was made in two halves, front and rear, they separate on the sides of the head with the carved ears being part of the back half. Conrad supplied side to side non self centering eyes with the teeter totter cross bar and slot jaw. His controls back at this time were made of brass. He now uses plastic. He cut out on the head stick for the mouth controller.

I find that this cheeky style boy is very much in the style of Frank Marshall. I also feel it is one of Conrad’s better renditions. I was not able to see a date inside the head but I am assuming it is from the late 70’s or early 80’s. His wig and paint are all original as well as the very cartoony style hands. A very fine figure indeed!!

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2 Responses to Conrad Hartz Ventriloquist Figure

  1. Al Stevens says:

    Conrad’s jaw levers are indeed plastic. He makes them from toothbrushes. His side-to-side eye controls, however, are brass.

    His internal mechanics are a combination of brass, plastic, and steel. He uses household items wherever he can. Patio door runners for pulleys, knittnig needles for axles, cabinet hinges for the jaw, etc. Conrad’s mechanics today are the smoothest and quietest that you will find.

  2. Kim says:

    I have had my Conrad Hartz figure since 1979, he is by far the most well made puppet in my collection and the one I use most….still going strong after 30 years!

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