Completed My First Basswood Ventriloquist Figure

Noah contacted me a while back and I tried to help him as best I could with email and I think he really did rather well as you will see from the following!!



Mr. Willinger, my name is Noah Longoria awhile back I emailed you asking about mouth gapping on wooden figures. I ended up using the whole cut out jaw piece and carved the tongue into it instead of building a box. I took the advice you all gave on how Frank Marshall filled the gap with business cards but I used thin sheets of basswood. I wanted to make a basswood figure and used the little bit of info in Paul Winchell’s book I laminated a block of wood to the dimensions in Winchell’s book bought two carving knives and went to work on my new project. I ended up with a drunk type figure I really liked and wished I would have taken pictures of. Well I worked past the point of fatigue like I have a tendency to do and ruined the back of the head not knowing at the time it could of been fixed. I abandoned the project bought Brose’s book, Claasen’s book, a Brose kit and enough tools to get by, built the kit learned a few things, ordered another kit, bought more tools, pulled out the original basswood head carved a cyclops face into it, and made something that worked instead of throwing it out. I have seen pics of the inside of some basswood figures now and have a better understanding of how they are made this will make things a lot easier hollowing out a solid block of wood to install mechanics with hand tools is not fun. I’m including pics. Cyclops head in a cage he has moving eye, slot jaw, and flapping ears. Thank you for helping me through email and all the information at Ventriloquist Central.










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