Clothing Ventriloquist Figures

dummy dress clothes

It is a great time for buying clothing for your ventriloquist figures. I say that because Easter is quickly approaching and this is the season that the large department stores stock up on some very nice dress cloths for children.

Size 4T is the size for most of the ventriloquist figures but you can certainly use 3T and 2T as well if your figure is a bit smaller. Suits today come as a vest, shirt, pants and tie but if you look hard you can also find them with the suit jacket. I think our modern time has kind of left the suit coat behind.

JC Penny does have a very nice selection but I have also found some great looking outfits at Kohl’s and Macy’s.

If you want a more professional custom made suit for your figure I do have a few which were custom made in the old school style in 2 tone and in full plaid which you can purchase.

They are already made with the opening in the back for your hand and done with a finish. No need for cutting or the shredding of material.

If you are interested in one of these custom suits just let me know.



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  1. jaxon says:

    Hi Dan

    I recently had a ventriloquist doll made specifically for a film I am doing. I absolutely want this film to be perfect, right down to the clothes. I was interested in your custom suits. I am hoping I can receive help in what’s appropriate for him. I can give details about the story and even include pics of the character to help the process and we can discuss pricing and the budget. look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Ruben jovan says:

    looking for vent outfits

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