Charlie McCarthy Times Two


To those who believe that the Charlie McCarthy in the Smithsonian Institute… is the original… and that Bergen took the original Charlie head… and had it modified by installing moving eyes:
Please take note of the following very early photo.
Clearly these two figures existed in the same time frame.
This is further proven by watching the Vitaphone Shorts…and You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man. Both figures are used in these film projects.

Doug Preis


Thanks, Doug for sending this to me.

We have some Vitaphone Shorts here: Edgar Bergen Vitaphone Shorts



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2 Responses to Charlie McCarthy Times Two

  1. In “You Can’t Cheat an Honest Man”, I’ve often wondered if Charlie’s head in the alligator’s mouth was not the same as the one seen in the rest of the film. It just looks a little bit different.

  2. Isaiah McGahee says:

    This gives a wider possibility that Bergen did use the figure Marshall made for him six years after Charlie was carved by Mack!

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