Charlie McCarthy Dolls from the 1930's

Interestingly some questions were asked about the Charlie McCarthy figures that were sold back in the 1930’s and asking how to tell the difference.

First of all there was only one officially licensed company which sold Charlie Mccarthy toy figures and that was Effanbee. The likeness was exact to that of Charlie McCarthy and they sold these figures in two sizes which were 15″ tall and 20″ tall. Both sizes came in a multitude of outfits ranging from Charlie’ detective outfit to his full tuxedo. Even his tuxedos came in different styles some with black satin lapels, some with purple satin lapels, some with white dinner jacket. Both sizes had the monocle which was metal and attached in a tiny hole drilled into the head.

The back of the neck has the marking Edgar Bergen’s Charlie McCarthy an Effanbee product. If this is not on the back of the neck it is NOT an Efanbee doll.

K&S produced a complete line of composition ventriloquist dolls during the same period and dressed them in tuxedos and even had monocles to jump on the band wagon of the popularity of Charlie McCarthy .The K&S figures came in 4 different sizes ranging from 15″ to 30″ and they even produced one that had a cardboard head stick within a hollow body but these were not Charlie Mccarthy. Today you see them advertised for sale by antique dealers as being unmarked Effanbee Charlies but that is not true. K & S marked that on the back of their dolls neck.

I hope this helps you in your quest to find Charlie McCarthy dolls.

Also if you missed seeing the video I did on these Efanbee dolls please click here.




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14 Responses to Charlie McCarthy Dolls from the 1930's

  1. Rachel says:

    Hello, I have a K&S ventriloquist 33 inch doll I am going to list on Ebay starting at $9.99; he is in great need of TLC. What can you tell me about the company K&S? This would be quite helpful.

    Rachel Jene

  2. I have a doll from the 1930’s (I think). There are no markings on the doll. It is about 30in tall and the body is made from some kind of rubber material.

  3. DAVE HILL says:

    HI Dan, i think i have one of the 1930’s Charlie McCarthy dolls. However his head seems to be made of a porcelin like material (??). I am interested in having him restored (his legs where they attach to the feet are freying).

    Do you recomenned or even know of a reputable restoration company?

    What is a doll like this worth?



  4. Tom says:

    Looking for information on a vintage 36″ Charlie McCarty doll. Head and hands are made of composite material. Plaid jacket, pants, and vest are hand stiiched. No markings found on head. Mouth moves.
    Any idea on the manufacturer?
    Any Info would be helpful.


  5. Dan Damron says:

    i have a Charlie McCarthy doll that looks to be rebuilt, he is 22in long.
    he is wearing a Tux, and has marking on back of neck Horsman doll Inc and the numbers 1417. wanted to know more about him like when he was made, value?

  6. Jan Eastley says:

    I have a similar Charlie McCarthy doll as to what Tom described in his email of Jan. 26, 2010. His arms are porcelain, I think, head is composite, and the body looks like it has straw in it. He’s wearing a houndstooth-type pants and beret, black jacket with the houndstooth trim, white shirt and black bow tie. There is a string on the back of his neck that opens his mouth. Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Do I have a treausre????

  7. Richard Lee says:

    I have an early 1930’s Charlie McCarthy 20″, “Dectective”, ventriliquist, dummy/doll with composition head and hands, cloth body and legs. There are no mfrs. mark on the neck, either Efanbee or K&ED, though there is a small felt dot on the side-back of the neck. It appears well made, the features are less “Disneyesgue” than many shown on e-bay, etc.

    After 70-8o years (a beloved toy) the head is cracked along the join line and has lost some painted hair, the face unmarked, if faded over time. The mouth is loose, the ventriliquist string missing from the back. The hands are well articulated, though slightly battered and only part of one finger missing.

    He is dressed in houndstooth pants and black felt jacket with houndstooth lapels and a billed cap (not beret) The white, banded- neck, shirt is sleeveless, no tie and no composition shoes.

    Is it worth pursuing selling without the obvious manufacturer’s mark or first-rate condition?

  8. Robin says:

    I have an early 1930’s Charlie McCarthy 20″, ventriloquist doll – excellent condition except for his clothes – how much is he worth

  9. lisa Rufo says:

    Hi ,
    I have a Juro novelty 1967 ventriloquist Charlie McCarthy doll he has no monocle or shoes and the cord to pull his mouth has broken off. He has a black tux with bow tie. with a bit of shearing on neck of tux. Any idea what he is worth?

    Lisa Rufo

  10. Wilfred N. DeCoite says:

    I have a 1930’s Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist doll about 18 inches tall. It is not Effendee or K&S. There is some peeling on top of the head and surface cracks on the face. The body is cloth with some sort of stuffing. It has a black/white checkered vest with a yellow bow tie. (may not be original with doll.) Its’ eyes are looking to its’ left.
    Any idea of what it might be worth. I am willing to sell at a fair price.

  11. Martha says:

    I have an effanbee Charlie McCarthy doll with the markings on the neck. It belonged to my father who gave it to me. My mother thought I would ruin the clothes so she took them off and made an outfit. If I recall it was a red and tan plaid jacket and tan knickers I still have the little tan cap. Does anyone know where I could get the clothes for the doll? It’s the smaller of the two dolls made in the 1930s.

  12. Gloria Izzi says:

    I have a black Charlie McCarthy doll. Have you ever seen one?

  13. Peg Nelson says:

    I also have an unmarked doll with straw stuffed body, composition head and hands/forearms, tuxedo with tails and a red stripe along pant legs. He also has monocle, draw string that opens mouth and little painted teeth. There is no makers mark.

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