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Back in the 1950’s there were quite a few makers of ventriloquist figures and one of the more obscure makers was Cecil Gough. He made figures with both the English style mouth, moving leather lower lip, and slot jaw. His figures were cast from Celastic, a cloth permeated with plastic, and they came in a variety of styles and sizes.

His figures today do not fetch a large sum but are quite interesting and I have owned a couple. I dare say they are rare today but when looking at his catalogue you say to yourself where are they.

One of the great things that Mr Gough gave you with his figures was a choice of some fantastic clothing of the period. The different style suits are simply terrific. Look close at the pictures and you will see what I mean. I wish I could purchase them today!!

I hope you enjoy looking at this 1955 Cecil Gough catalogue.

Click here to see the 1955 Cecil Gough Catalogue



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  1. Bob Conrad says:

    Hi Dan;

    I had a figure made by Cecil Gough back in the late 50’s or early 60’s, I sold it and have no idea where it is today. It looked very much like the figure on the left on page 6 of the catalog. It had the leather lip and worked quite well, although it didn’t have much personality. Which is why I sold it. Enjoyed seeing the catalog it brings back some memories. Is Gough still alive?

    Bob Conrad

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