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As some of you may (or may not) know, my partner Steve Hurst is a website builder/marketer, a ventriloquist and a figure builder.

Back in 2007 he created “The Ultimate Guide to Building Your Own Ventriloquist Figure, Vol 1”. Since then, quite a few aspiring ventriloquist figure builders have acquired his course.

Today I want to share you with an email that was sent to Steve from Peter Leger. Peter has already built one figure using Steve’s course and is working on another one (see picture above).

Here’s his email to Steve:

Hey Steve

Here is my new puppet I am sculpting at the moment. “Tony bag of donuts” is a New York mobster. His wise guys laugh at him because for Father’s day his daughter painted his gun pink and stuck flowers in the barrel. Tony can’t shoot anyone cause Tony Jr. his son always gets peanut butter all over his bullets. Your info has really help make this project alot easier than the first. Thanks.

I enjoy working with Johnny my first puppet. I plan on starting to do shows in mid April and when Tony is done I plan on doing it full time. I love my new friends thanks to you Steve.

Peter Leger

Peter, he’s a great looking character. Can’t wait to see how he looks once he’s finished. Thanks for sharing.



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3 Responses to Building A New Ventriloquist Figure

  1. bob isaacson says:

    Looks like Peter is a fine scupltor; looking forward to seeing the end result of this future figure now in progress.

  2. Gary Koepke says:

    Steve’s course is very good too! You can actually see projects being worked on and see how he handles them instead of just reading about it (not that the books aren’t worth having too!).

  3. Bob Conrad says:

    Great work of sculpture, lots of character. Let us see him when he is finished , also let us see your first figure as well.

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