British Ventriloquist Walter Huntley And His Partner Gunner Jimmy Turner

On Monday’s blog, I posted a link for an article I found about the British ventriloquist Walter Huntley and his partner Gunner Jimmy Turner (click here to see the blog). They performed to civilians and soldiers across the UK during the Second World War as part of the army’s entertainment unit.

Many articles have appeared in the British press about Mr. Huntley, his book, “Dummy Bullets” and about the fact that he donated his partner, Gunner Jimmy Turner to the Imperial War Museum in London.

And since posting that blog, my partner and webmaster, Steve has been doing quite a bit digging to find out more information about Walter Huntley. He was able to locate videos of Mr. Huntley and Gunner Jimmy, found a source on eBay, here in the US to purchase the book, “Dummy Bullets” (Steve tells me he’s already ordered his) AND……actually found out how to contact Mr. Huntley and talked with him on the phone yesterday (Friday morning) in the UK.

He set it up so that we will be doing an audio interview with Mr. Huntley, some time in the future. For now, enjoy the videos and if you’re interested, we’ve provided links to purchase the book, “Dummy Bullets.”

News story

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Introducing Dummy Bullets

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To purchase Dummy Bullets:

Buy Dummy Bullets in the US

Buy Dummy Bullets International




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  1. Kriket says:

    I have just placed my order for this book. What sold me is webmaster’s advising that the figure is by A. Quisto and Gunner Jimmy Turner’s tape line about 70 years relationship with Walt, now 88 and beginning to show it but he, Jimmy, still 18 also sad old WWII era song at end of tape.

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