Bob Abdou Shares Stories from Ventriloquist Barb Phoenix

Our good friend Bob Abdou sent these stories in and they’re not even about him. They’re about Barb Phoenix, a vent from Canada, who he describes as “a really fun, spunky, youthful lady.” He attached some photos she sent him along with two stories to share:

Last Sunday I was at church greeting with Otto for our community outreach Christmas dinner. Otto went over very well…

I’ve attached some pics. In the others SOMF stands for Sound of Music Festival. I hosted the Kids’ Stage for 3 years, serving as MC for the entertainers.

Smart Car and I

Somf 2008 2

SOMF Train 1 2006

somf via train1

On Sunday I did a Christmas show at the Canadian Legion in Acton Ontario. I called it Christmas Vignettes, as I had 6 different puppets discuss how they celebrated Christmas.

The best reactions came when I had Otto and then Oregano doing their routines. There were 2 little boys in the front row. For both figures the 2 boys started interacting with the puppets. It was hard to hear what the one boy said, so I leaned forward and asked him to repeat himself.

He looked at me, then pointed to Otto and said “I was talking to him” indicating the puppet.

Man that made my day.

I thought that was one of the best compliments I could get.

The organizer also provided positive feedback and said the adults as well as the kids enjoyed the show.

I finished with an audience volunteer, and did an interview with Mrs. Claus, followed by the S A N T A song.

Had a blast.

Barb Phoenix
Oregano And Friends
Vent-y Tales
905 802 5106

Thanks to Bob for sending this in and a Special Thanks to Barb for sharing these stories and photos.


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  1. The beginning part about not being about “me” is funny, thanks for letting others know about Barb!

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