Blizzard Of 2013


It has been a couple years since Boston had a BIG storm but we sure made up for it with this monster storm. Here in Malden, MA, which is just outside of Boston we had over two feet of the white stuff.

As beautiful as it looks what a pain in the back side it is especially when you get a bit older. I wanted to get some kids to shovel for me but with no one out even walking it fell upon me and my son Jason.

I don’t let Jason do very much because he has had two back surgeries and I don’t want him to have more problems. I am just too old for this now so I will take my time and do it slow.




Update a fellow that lives up the street came down with a snow blower and helped me clear out my vehicles. Man he was a life save. Now I can say the blizzard of 2013 is behind me.


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6 Responses to Blizzard Of 2013

  1. Mike Palma says:

    Ever think about moving Vent Central down here to Sunny Florida? There is a great group of vents that would love for you to be our Neighbor !!!! :-)


  2. Kenny Croes says:

    You look good, Dan. But my, oh, my… that’s a lot of snow. One of the reasons we like the south coast of Oregon. It rarely gets colder than 40 degrees and not much warmer than 80. We may get a sprinkling of snow some years, but mainly we live up to our reputation of rain, rain and a little more rain. (But lots of sunshine in between). Looking forward to seeing you at the ConVENTion. Take care. – Kenny

  3. Bill Matthews says:

    With over 200 extra sets of hands in your pool room and basement, you did all that yourself?? :-) When I was a kid, I would have loved all that snow – forts, snowmen, snowballs, sledding, etc. But now that I’m older, I feel for ya’. Take care, but have fun.

  4. Phil McConkey says:

    I was wondering how much snow you got Dan….wow!….thats alot…..we had about half that here in Ontario,Canada…..I’m sure all your little friends living in your house would have helped if they had the right sized shovels….lol……Phil ; )

  5. James Manalli says:

    Glad you came through the storm alright!
    As a kid growing up in Wisconsin on the shore of Lake Michagan I was one of those kids that walked the neighborhood with a shovel clearing sidewalks and driveways for change and also pretty often for free.
    Brings back memories of frozen fingers and toes.

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