African Grey Parrot in Ventriloquist Central

Since today is Labor Day here in the U.S. I thought I would write up a very light hearted blog.

Around 12 years ago my wife and I fell in love with a little baby African Grey Parrot we saw in a pet shop at the mall. It was only about 4 months old and was so tame we just had to take him home.

If you don’t know the African Grey is the best talking parrot in the world and with the right training can have a vocabulary of over 500 words and they can recognize different colors and shapes. We spent many hours repeating phrases and one evening while Helen and I were watching television we heard in a very quiet voice sounding much like my voice some of the words we had been trying to get him to say. From that moment on he was talking.

These birds do tend to like a single person and I am the one ours bonded to. It seems I can do no wrong by him and if I am around others can handle him but if I am away he can bite. Helen does have some scars to prove it. As matter of fact he says OUCH just before he bites!!

We named him Ace because our son Jason does magic. Ace has a very funny line he says. “Abracadabra I’m a Monkey”, he also says “Monkey See Monkey Do.” I taught him how to say “I Like Dunkin Donuts”, but it comes out I Like Dunk Nuts. Very funny.

Ace is Grey in color with a white face and bright red tail feathers. He is about the size of a Pigeon but a bit thinner.

Here are some pictures of Ace having fun with his bath.









I hope you’re having a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.




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5 Responses to African Grey Parrot in Ventriloquist Central

  1. LeeDean says:

    Alas, the obvious, can Ace talk without moving his beak?

  2. Gary Koepke says:

    Love parrots! I had an Amazon, and bought a cocketeil after that. I have several friends who have McCaws. Even went to a bird rescue last year and thought about adopting an African Grey, but alas my girlfriend doesn’t like birds in the house. Sigh!

    Beautiful Grey Dan!

  3. N Jay says:

    What a great act i see for next years Vent Haven Convention. You can ask the pidgeon a few questions and have him reply while you keep your lips still. Before I moved to Florida I owned a Macaw beautiful red yellow and blue markings. Was a great friend as I suppose yours is as well.

  4. Sorry NJ but pidgeons are dumb dirty birds. Ace is an African Gray , smartest talking bird in the world.

  5. NJ after you calling Ace a pidgeoon he has informed me he will not perform at the conVENTion. You must remember not to call animals derogatory names!!

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