A Tribute From Happy Hazard to His Long Time Ventriloquist Partner, Cy Leonard

My present owner Dan Willinger had a very hard time but did in fact have to let me know that my partner of over half a century, Cy Leonard, has left us and gone on to the big stage in the sky. I have deeply missed Cy’s warm hand on my controls even though Dan has made me feel very comfortable here in his home with all the other members of his collection.

My time with Cy Leonard was terrific and he cried for me too when I was knocked off of a chair and sustained severe damage. I know he is up there with some great friends, Johnny Main, Edgar Bergan to name a couple and they are passing stories of the great times they all had.

I miss Cy as I know the whole ventriloquist community does and I know he will always be remembered with love and fond memories of our time together.

Cy Leonard 1926-2008

Rest in Peace my old Friend.

Happy Hazard

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2 Responses to A Tribute From Happy Hazard to His Long Time Ventriloquist Partner, Cy Leonard

  1. Steve Hurst says:

    I remember Cy being a very generous person. I never actually met Cy, but we corresponded via email quite a bit.

    Back in 1995 the “original” Vent List had been created. Cy was on that list and a major contributor. He always had something to write about. I remember asking him many questions and he would answer all of them….telling you anything you wanted to know. He was that way with everyone on the list.

    He offered to send anyone who wanted it….a picture of the inside of Happy’s head. I jumped at that opportunity (as most on the list did). It was the first time I had seen the inside of a “real” ventriloquist dummy (not to mention a McElroy). I still have that same picture today.

    As I said….Cy was very generous.

    Steve Hurst

  2. Val Hilliker says:

    Yes indeed! Cy was a kind and generous man. His willingness to help guide and council the younger generation of entertainers is very evident.
    He was truly a gentle observer ready to lend a hand when requested.
    His guidance will be missed.
    May you rest in peacefulness Cy.
    Val Hilliker

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