A Special Conrad Hartz Ventriloquist Figure

Hartz 05

No this figure is not a member of the Ventriloquist Central Collection but I wish it were. This particular figure is owned by Lee Dunn who is a ventriloquist figure builder.

Lee told me about this particular figure and I asked if I could showcase it because it is a very rare possibly the only figure that Conrad Hartz built with winkers.

I am told that the original buyer of this figure pleaded with Conrad to do the winkers and after this one, Conrad would not do them again. Lets face it they are not easy to do.

This figure has a great face and I am sure you will all love seeing this very special figure.

Hartz 02

Hartz 03

Hartz face closeup 001

Hartz face closeup 003

Hartz face closeup 004

Hartz face closeup 005

Hartz face closeup 006

Hartz face closeup 008

Hartz face closeup 009

Thanks to Lee Dunn for sharing him with us all.



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4 Responses to A Special Conrad Hartz Ventriloquist Figure

  1. Duane Echols says:

    As a slight corection to your blog article, Conrad has not made many figures with this function, but the Lee Dunn figure was not the only one. I also owned a Hartz figure with “Winkers”. Very attractive little guy with Blue eyes.

  2. Nick Carpenter says:

    My first Conrad Hartz figure had leather winkers/blinkers in both eyes.
    In November of 1982,I purchased this Hartz figure from a ventriloquist
    in Baton Rouge,Louisiana….
    Several years later I ‘swapped’ this Hartz figure for a Joel Leder figure.
    In case you were wondering,the Hartz figure went to a magician in
    California and the Joel Leder figure stayed in my collection until the
    Summer of 2004 when I sold him to a well known member of the VENT
    In case you were wondering,I sold this rather unique looking Joel
    Leder figure to Bob (Mr.Puppet) Abdou…
    You can see ‘Rusty’ on http://www.mrpuppet.com

  3. Now that is one beautiful figure!

  4. Dan says:

    Thanks guys for the info. I guess Conrad built a few!! LOL

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