A Great Edgar Bergen Story


Today I was talking with Rick Sapphire www.RickSaphire.com a booking agent who in fact represents Mallory Lewis and he imparted a really nice story about ventriloquist Edgar Bergen that I just had to share with everyone.

Back around 1972 or 1973 Rick had booked Edgar Bergen for a performance in the Cherry Hill N.J. area and during the couple days stay with Rick, Edgar asked if there were any antique shops in the area. One of the largest in the world is Renninger’s Antiques. (I myself use to go there every so often. I never found any ventriloquist figures there.) Well Rick took Mr Bergen there and Mr Bergen purchased a dozen or so pair of Pince Nez glasses for Effie Klinker.

About an hours time had passed and the buzz was all over Renninger’s that Edgar Bergen was there and the people started bringing their Charlie McCarthy treasures out for him to autograph. As it was told to me a fellow came up to Mr Bergen and said “I have had this spoon since I was a lad and all I would like is for you to just hold it for a few moments.” Mr Bergen accommodated this fellow and when the fellow had left Mr Bergen told Rick that he really didn’t want to hurt the fellow’s feelings but…..the spoon was a Howdy Doody and not Charlie McCarthy.

This just struck me in the heart showing how nice a fellow Mr Bergen was and I just had to share the story.




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  1. Bill Smith says:

    Great story! Thanks. & that photo is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s ANOTHER to watch for for my collection!

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