Which Ventriloquist Figure is My Favorite?

I have been asked many times which one of my figures is my favorite and believe me that is a hard question to answer because I love them all but….if I had to say which Frank Marshall creation is my favorite I must say that the Marshall Nosey that originally was owned by Jimmy Jedry, known as Little Eddie II, is my favorite.

I give this reason for my decision and that is, after making my first trip to the Vent Haven Museum and seeing The Nosey that belonged to Terry Bennett named Red Flannels, I said someday I hope to own a Marshall as nice as that one. I must tell you that I actually think that Little Eddie II is actually nicer than Red Flannels and that is because Eddie II has almost no dimples giving him the clean look the same as Paul Winchell’s Jerry Mahoney. Red Flannels has much deeper dimples.

Please take a look at Little Eddie II and take a look and see if you don’t agree with me. Here is a quick link to take you to see him!!

Click Here for Eddie II



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  1. Lee Dean says:

    No question about it, best all around figure is Ricky Tik, a true work of art.

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