Where Is She? Missing Frank Marshall Figure


My good friend Colin Williams from “down under” is very good friends with Ron Blaskett and I am going to help with locating the female figure that Ron sold quite some time ago.

Read this story and then if you have any info please let me know.

Hi Dan,

I was absolutely thrilled to receive your email. Although I was sure of the following information I rang Ron today and confirmed that the information was correct. He was absolutely over the moon and reckons that if anyone can find ‘Agnes Arnott’ it will be you! Ron said he regrets selling her.

This is how the story unfolds:

Ron had George Havrillay, who was a graphic artist at the TV Station (GTV Channel 9), paint a picture of how he wanted the figure to look. (Ron said that it was more a painting than a drawing) This was then forwarded on to Frank Marshall in 1959. Ron caught up with Johnny Main at the 1983 Convention and Johnny told Ron that he was present while Frank Marshall was actually making the figure from the great painting. Ron said that ‘the master’ was able to copy it perfectly. Ron used her on the Australian version TV show of ‘Do You Trust Your Wife’ which as you know was done in America by the great Edgar Bergen. It was when Ron left TV and concentrated on his cabaret work that he found he didn’t need this style of figure, so sold her to Alan Ende in the early 80s. Many years ago I contacted Alan. He remembered having the figure but could not remember who he sold it to, but did recall that Conrad Hartz did a repair on it. So I then contacted Conrad Hartz. He could not remember what happened to the figure but said he did a repair to the nose. When I told this to Ron (this is many years ago) he had a bit of a chuckle. You will notice that the figure is wearing ‘Pinznez’ glasses. Frank Marshall drilled a minute hole through the nose and inserted a metal ferrel for the glasses to clip in to. Ron said he wouldn’t be surprised if the glasses had gone missing and the holes were filled.

Dan, I can assure you it would make him so happy as he oftens mentions how he shouldn’t have been so quick to sell the figure. Ron is 91 in April!!!

There are two photos attached which show Agnes. I have also sent on a third photo of Merle, using Sandra Simpkins. Have a look at the expression on the baby’s face. The baby is their son Peter, who is now in his 50s. Doesn’t this say it all?!? Ron said he noticed a big change between the acceptance of the Marshall figures with children compared to the Insulls. He put it down to Frank Marshall’s ‘great eyes’.



Anyway Dan thanks again. Let’s hope you can find her!!!

Best wishes,

As I stated above, if you have any information, please contact me.


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3 Responses to Where Is She? Missing Frank Marshall Figure

  1. Bill Smith says:

    I don’t know anything about that figure, but the one with the yellow behind her looks alot like the one in vent haven that was supposed to be a likeness of marilyn monroe. & Hello Colin! So much enjoyed all our time together at the 2008 conVENTion. I’ve lost your contact info :( Hope all is well there.

    • Colin Williams says:

      Hi Bill,
      I too thoroughly enjoyed your company at the conVENTion and would love to hear from you. You mention losing my contact info – it is comicquest@primus.com.au Yes, Dan has put up this great blog hoping to find Ron’s old maid figure. Ron will be so pleased if she turns up.
      Best Wishes,

  2. LeeDean says:

    I do not remember seeing any of them, other than Gerry Gee, and barely knew of him from some Oracle articles.

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