Ventrilquist Skeets Minton and Jimmy Morton


This last mystery vent that I posted did not get as many guesses as the previous guest stars but Bob Isaacson hit it right out of the ball park.

It was in fact Skeets Minton and his figure Jimmy Morton. Way to go Bob on the factual information on this great ventriloquist of the past. Here’s what Bob posted:


“It was my pleasure to meet Skeets back in 1951, backstage at the famous Chicago Theatre. Frank Marshall, Dennis Alwood & I visited with Skeets, who also introduced us to Danny Thomas, who was appearing live to promote his new movie. Dennis & I were high school kids back then (a long time ago!) Skeets was terrific; his figure did singing impressions of famous singers of that era. (sounds like Terry Fator doesn’t it ?) Another memorable event for me!”

As Bob stated, Skeets Minton did singing impressions by way of his figure Jimmy Morton who would do songs by such great stars as Vaughn Munroe and others.

Just goes to show you that nothing is new. Just repackaged and resold.




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6 Responses to Ventrilquist Skeets Minton and Jimmy Morton

  1. David says:

    Skeets Mintons son was my best friend and his daughter was my girlfriend during Jr. high in Burbank Ca. Skeets was a very cool and intelligent guy. I caught his act at home and on stage many times. They are all dead now. I remember them fondly.

    • erik bush says:

      Skeets Minton was my maternal gradfather (mom: Joanie). From what I remember from mom, Skeets was killed (shot) in the early sixties. mom died in 1998 after a three year battle with cancer. if you have any stories of my mom, her brother (know nothing about him) or Skeets, would appreciate hearing about them. email is platois4u at yahoo dot com

  2. Jeanne K. says:

    Joani Minton was my best friend from the 50’s to the 90’s. We attended Jr. Hi and Hi school together. Skeets was a funny, outgoing man – very talented. Joani and I went to see his professional act at the Coconut Grove in the 50’s. He really would have given Terry Fator a run for his money.

  3. Carrie (Carolyn bush) Gaxiola says:

    This is so amazing! Skeets is my grandpa and I remember him teasing us with Jimmy when they lived in Reno and Vegas. I’m like my brother, Erik, any stories of my grandpa, grandma Joan, my mom Joanie or uncle Ralph would be a blessing. Thank you!

    • Jeanne Kinnaird says:

      Hi Carrie…..don’t know if you remember me, but your Mom and I were very good friends for many years. I was just devastated when she passed so young. She had the neatest sense of humor, like her Dad, Skeets. I think that your Uncle Ralph (who was my first love) died in March of 2001. He is buried in Clark County, Co. which is pretty near to Las Vegas. I searched for him for many years, but couldn’t find a trace. My husband helped me out and looked also. I know Joanie loved all of her grandchildren very much. Do any of the kids resemble her? I remember you looking similar to her, with your red hair.
      So nice to be able to get in touch. Jeanne Kinnaird

  4. Connie Hundley (Garrity) says:

    Skeets was my Uncle and I have such great memories of him. Not only was he a wonderful entertainer, but a extraordinary tailor. He used to make his own white shirts and even made a gown for my mom. His wife, Joan, my father’s sister, died when I was a little girl and the last time I saw their daughter was in 1987 at my brother’s wedding. Yes, Skeets was shot while in Las Vegas and I’m not sure whether this was ever solved, though I know who the suspect was. My email is

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