Ventriloquist Figures Raising Eyebrow Effect

Quite a while ago I posted a blog about Frank Marshall and his eyebrows and I thought it would be a good idea to show the windshield style eyebrows and then talk about the fact that they really are incorrect when done on ventriloquist figures.

I decided to show you a picture of this Finis Robinson figure (below) with his eyebrows in the regular and raised position. As you can see they lift from the outside corners of the eye and the raise up from the center. This does give the effect of a raising eyebrow but in real life have you ever seen an eyebrow rise like that?? Of course not.

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Now look at this picture of a Frank Marshall figure (below) with the eyebrows in a regular and raised position. You will see that even though the pivot point for the eyebrow is in the same location as the Finis, it has been bent to a shape that allows the entire eyebrow to lift across the forehead just like the real thing.

7 m l 7 m eb

I have never liked the windshield eyebrows and do not understand why the makers today don’t take a tip from the Master and make them correct so they rise like the real thing. I think you are talking a difference of minutes more in time to get a much better look.

If I have offended any maker who is reading this I apologize right now. It is just my humble opinion.



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3 Responses to Ventriloquist Figures Raising Eyebrow Effect

  1. Wanlu says:

    Frank Marshall was a genius…

  2. LeeDean says:

    It’s ok for lowering brows, and stops could be used to limit how far raising brows raise.

  3. david says:

    I use the raising eyebrows like a windshield wiper so when I install lowering eyebrows, it will make to effect of the figure being angry.

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