Photos from Vent Meet Jan 2010; Delmar Meets the Florida Vents!

A good friend of Ventriloquist Central, Ed Thomas (Hugo’s partner) sent in this information and pictures from the Florida Vents gathering this last Sunday.


Dan Lavender did the amazing mechanics. Bill Nelson did the sculpting, and painting.

Here is Al Stevens checking out the controls. Al is famous Florida vent from performing, builder of vent figures, and musician extraordinaire.

Successful vent Ed Thomas, Hugo’s partner and Al Stevens pose with Delmar.

Ed is surprised at the controls’ ease. (Of course at Ed’s age, he’s surprised at anything)

There may be a family resemblance here! (which one is the DUMMY?)

Tampa vent and friend Donald Woodford joins Ed Thomas and vent Jacki Manna with Delmar.

Jacki had an instant “winning voice” for Delmar. This is a match!

Ah, family resemblance again?


Ed thanks for sharing these wonderful pictures. (By the way, the comments in () are mine!)




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6 Responses to Photos from Vent Meet Jan 2010; Delmar Meets the Florida Vents!

  1. bob abdou says:

    the Florida Vent Gathering has always been strong and steady, they are a good example of how association can and does make a difference for the art of Ventriloquism,

  2. LeeDean says:

    and the figure shown sets a new mark in design functions of the Figure,

  3. Burkhard says:

    A great figure. Thank you for showing it in your blog. Dan Lavender told me, that he did the sculpting plus mechanics and Bill Nelson did the painting.

  4. Dan Lavender contacted me and I must make this change. Dan Lavender did the sculpting and mechanics but Bill Nelson did the painting and the wig. This is the correct information.

  5. Duane Echols says:

    Dan only makes a few of these figures each year. All of them unique in their own way. Don’t pass up the chance to acquire a Dan Lavender figure. They are Top-Notch!!

  6. Eddie Garland says:

    Lavender and Nelson are quite a team!


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