Paul Winchell’s Knucklehead Smiff on the Ventriloquist Marketplace


As a kid growing up all of us watched Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney on his show every Saturday morning it was a great show to watch filled with fun and surprises and of course those duo Jerry Mahoney and Knucklehead Smiff.

The kids on that show usually played some sort of game and the grand prize was always a Jerry Mahoney figure and the second place prize was Knucklehead Smiff that’s of course because Jerry Mahoney was the one that was most prized.

Little did we know that today the Knucklehead Smiff figure would be the one that is most prized by collectors he was given out in short numbers compared to Jerry Mahoney.

Today I am happy to show you a beautiful example of the 1966 Knucklehead Smiff produced by Paul Winchell after he left the Juro Toy Co., when he went on his own to produce these dolls. These figures were only sold on the West Coast of the United States and therefore are again a very rare item to come across.

As with the ones of the 1950s the Knucklehead Smiff was not sold in the same kind of numbers as the Jerry Mahoney figure. This caused them to become very rare in today’s collectible market. Jerry Mahoney outsold Knucklehead smith seven to one.

I am happy to offer to you today this wonderful example of Knucklehead Smiff for you to purchase from Ventriloquist Central Collection. He stands a 26 inches tall is in beautiful condition and his mouth still works when you pull the strings through the back of his neck.

He comes dressed in a beautiful blue and red suit with white dickie shirt and polka dot red tie. You look far and wide to find another example of this great character at the price that I have put him up sale today.

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2 Responses to Paul Winchell’s Knucklehead Smiff on the Ventriloquist Marketplace

  1. Sandy Curry says:

    I recently purchased a Jerry Mahoney from the 1950’s and would LOVE to purchase a Knucklehead Smiff from the 1950’s but cannot find one. I may consider one from the 1960’s. Thank you for any help that you can give me. I check eBay all the time and there has been no success.

    • Sandy Rekemeier says:

      Are you still looking for the original 1950’s Knucklehead Smiff? My husband has one. The doll is in pretty good condition. Needs to be restrung I think. Original outfit. He finally decided to find a good home for it. We also have Jerry Mahony but looks like you already own one.

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