"Mary Cole" Strikes Ventriloquist Marketplace


I have written blogs about this in the past but I received a disturbing email again today letting me know that one of the sellers on the Ventriloquist Marketplace fell into the trap of a scammer.

You must remember that if someone contacts you about purchasing an item from you and wants to send you a money order that is all well and good as long as the money order is for the exact amount of the item. If for any reason you are asked to accept a money order in an amount for more than your item and then to refund the difference IT IS A SCAM. I capitalized this because I am shouting. The funds get refunded and then you get notified by your bank that the money order is a fake and you then have to reimburse your bank so you lose both ways.

If you do not have a PayPal account do yourself a favor and open one. With PayPal you have a certain amount of protection and the scammers will not use PayPal. I know most of us have PayPal today but if you don’t you really are making a mistake. It is one of the most secure sites on the web and makes the purchasing and paying for item a breeze and you have security. I know this sounds like an ad for PayPal but I just want to make sure you understand this gives you some protection.

The scammer named “Mary Cole” is not new and this name has come around before and the person that got taken was hit by this name (of course a scammer can use any name). If you remember back a while ago almost everyone on the Ventriloquist Marketplace got emails from this person including me. I insisted they give me their contact information but it was never forthcoming and I also told them purchasing could only be done with PayPal. The emails stopped.

Again please BEWARE of any money transactions, on the web, from any site because the scammers are there waiting to take YOUR hard earned money!!



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