J.C. Turner Figures

J.C. Turner Figure

J.C. Turner was a prolific builder of figures back in the 1940’s and 50’s and he sold his figures through Abbott’s Magic in Colon Michigan. His figures were used by many of the professional ventriloquists as a starter figure. He made his figures completely of wood and they all had a very humorous look. His bodies were very sturdy and also made of wood covered with muslin. The arms and legs were stuffed with straw and sometimes he even made shoes which were permanently attached to the leg. They looked like spats. Not every figure he made had these.
Turner did make figures with every movement such as winkers, spitters, raising eyebrows, etc. He also made them in various paints such as Caucasian, Negro and clown. His figures stand the test of time and still work very well with audiences today!!
The prices for Turner figures in today’s market I consider to be a bargain. They sell in the $350.00 to $600.00 price range within the ventriloquist community but in the antique world they can bring far more as they will sell in the American folk art category.
I am happy to offer a great J.C. Turner for sale so please click on this link for the Ventriloquist Marketplace and have a look. He is a wonderful little fellow.

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