Go Red Sox!

It is unusual for me to write anything on this blog except about ventriloquist figures but I just can’t keep this inside of me any longer. I am an avid Red Sox fan and my team just won the World Series for the second time in four years and I am going bonkers. I watch all the games if possible and was really impressed with their play this year because they took first place in the standings early on in the season and never gave it up. So congrats to all who are Red Sox fans and are a part of Red Sox nation and if you aren’t I am sorry!!

Go Red Sox !! And Patriots!!

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  1. George Boosey says:

    Go Red Sox and Go Pats. Heck, even the Celtics may be through with their Score of “rebuilding years”! From Red Sox Nation South…

  2. George Boosey says:

    Go Red Sox. Go Pats. Heck, this year even the Celtics might win.
    — from Red Sox Nation South (thank goodness for the Major League Package on cable TV…

  3. Don Haskell says:

    Go Red Sox! Been a fan sice Jimmie Foxx,Jim Tabor,player-manager Joe Cronin,and I remember when Ted W> Came up from San Diego!Remember Boo Ferris too. I live in Tacoma WA but when I think about N E I start talking Down East style.
    Don Haskell

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