Follow Up on Ventriloquist Figure Cases

The other day I wrote about ventriloquist figure cases (if you missed the blog, click here).

Here’s a follow up about ventriloquist figure cases from a couple of readers of the blog, Tom Conner and Ben Veenkamp.

Here’s Ben email and picture:

Hey Dan,

Just reading your post about Cases For Ventriloquist Figures and thought I’d send you a couple of images of a case I customized for MJ. to share on your blog post.

Basically I used a roll of convoluted foam and brush on contact cement, the aerosol type tended to burn the foam. I kept the straps inside the case so I can strap MJ in securely.

Any ways thought you might like to see it :)

All the best
Ben Veenkamp \\ ventriloquist


Here’s the email and pictures from Tom:

Hi Dan, I just read your blog today about case’s for hard dummys.Well last year I purchased a Knucklehead Smiff replica from Jerry Layne and wanted a case to put him in. So I got a trunk from wal-mart and did exactly what you mentioned in your blog lined it with foam worked out pretty good, also did a couple old suitcase’s too. Just wanted to share a picture of one I did.

Tom Conner




Thanks guys for sharing.



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2 Responses to Follow Up on Ventriloquist Figure Cases

  1. Ben Veenkamp says:

    Hey that’s a very nice case Tom, pity our stores here in Australia don’t sell trunks :). The typography on the lid is beautiful. Well done

  2. Winfield Pipher says:

    Hi Dan I enjoyed your article on cases being new to the Art how do you figure the correct size case for your figure measure your figure then devide by half? measure the figure folded in half .

    hope you can help

    I am still learning


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