This is most important to everyone in our ventriloquist community. Bill Nelson, one of the best figure makers in our family, has a wonderful Mortimer Snerd figure listed on eBay (as of this writing). Somehow his eBay name was compromised some time back and the scammer used all the under bidders from Bill’s auction to post his wonderful figure on eBay. 

The scammer has done this 4 times so far and just again it is up on eBay for sale (as of this writing).  In the past I have reported this to the seller who has been scammed and also reported it to Bill Nelson (again) and also to eBay directly.  It keeps getting taken down, but pops up again.

Just remember if you see the ad on eBay again in the future, for this Mortimer Snerd figure, for sale and the seller is not Nelson Studios….then it is a scam ad.  Also, when it comes to any item that the price is “too good to be true”, be sure to check it out, because it’s probably NOT true!  

EBay is a wonderful tool but those unscrupulous people sometimes make it hard for everyone.



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