Bob Abdou, "Mr. Puppet" at the Chicago Fest for Beattle Fans 2009

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Ventriloquist Bob Abdou & “Ringo”

Our good friend and regular contributor to Ventriloquist Central, Bob Abdou, sent this in to us so that we can share it with everyone:


I made the news today, Oh boy. Check out my show at the greatest convention in the entire world – the fest for Beatles fans, see part of my show.

Bob Abdou


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Thanks, Bob, for sending this in.




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4 Responses to Bob Abdou, "Mr. Puppet" at the Chicago Fest for Beattle Fans 2009

  1. bob abdou says:

    Hey Dan & Steve,
    let me clarify my comment, the Fest for Beatles Fans is the best convention in the world if you’re a Beatles fan, but by far the Ventriloquist convention is tops!!

  2. Bill Smith says:


    I’ve never been a big beatles fan, nothing against them, just not for me. HOWEVER, I would have GLADLY paid to see YOUR part of it! Looked like a GREAT show! Keep up the great work!

  3. bob abdou says:

    Hey Bill, you not liking the Beatles is fine with me, my Beatles show is designed for Beatles fanatics, the audience I perform for know how many times John Lennon blinked his eyes on august 12th 1968. That is why I don’t do this show for the general public, they won’t get it, I do a rock – roll show that can entertain any audience no matter their taste in music. Oh by the way, 680.322 times John Lennon blinked, I think he had something in his eye that day.

  4. Bill Smith says:


    I think the public WOULD get it. 99.9 9/10 of them are Beatles fans. Just look at all the excitment over the box set & video game, by both adults AND kids. I Didn’t mean I don’t like ANY of their music. They wrote some great stuff, especially “Yesterday”. Plus, I’ve always thought they seemed like nice guys. And I’m sure it would go over like gangbusters at the vent convention too! I think you’re missing a great oppertunity by not doing it for the public. Oh, by the way, a friend said she was there on august 12th, 1968, & said she was “smoking”, & kept blowing the “smoke” into john’s face. She feels real bad & says she’s sorry.

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