Birthday Party Puppet Shows – by Bob Abdou

Bob sent us this information about Birthday Party shows.

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Birthday Party Puppet Shows
By Bob Abdou/Mr.Puppet

One of the best ways to break into the “kids” market is
to perform at birthday parties. The money can be good,
the experience being involved in some child’s life is
rewarding and hopefully more work comes out of a
birthday party. That’s the good side, now for the bad
which can not be ignored. The crowds can be rude, the
locations can ruin a good show and if the children eat
too much sugar before your show, well…just be
prepared to hold on to your life!

Answer each statement and see if you have passed the
“Birthday Party Puppet show” test by either true or false.

1) Any birthday party can handle a puppet show T/F

2) Having the parents mention just before you begin that a
puppet show is about to start will make it a special surprise
for all guests including the birthday child. T/F

3) Any location in the home can fine for a puppet show T/F

4) The parents want a lower price because they can get a
clown for half your cost, you agree on matching the clowns
price. T/F

5) Having the children play with the toys in the same room
you will be performing in is fine because that will keep
them occupied while you are setting up your stage. T/F

6) Having the parents play Celine Dion music while they
drink alcohol will make them more relaxed and enjoy your
show. T/F

7)When you arrive, the parents want the show outside on
the backyard lawn, the grass is damp and uneven, you see
ant hills and dog poop throughout the yard, did I mention
the neighbor decides to mow his yard, agree with these
last minute changes. T/F

8)The birthday child is so cute and adorable, she also has a
younger sister (2 years old). The parents sit both children
by themselves up front by themselves along with the other
younger children, Did I mention that the family also has a
pet dog that wants to be with the birthday child?
You see nothing wrong with this. T/F

9) it’s sports day and all the adults want to watch a football
game on the other side of the room where you will be
performing, it is loud and all the adults are not watching
your show at all, you see nothing wrong with this. T/F

10) Your show is over and it’s time to get paid, the parents
can not find their check book and tell you that they will mail
you the payment, you see nothing wrong with this. T/F


The answer to each example will be explained another day in
the Ventriloquist Central blog, stay tuned




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3 Responses to Birthday Party Puppet Shows – by Bob Abdou

  1. Bob Conrad says:

    That is too funny Bob. The answer to all the above is false. And I think I have experienced all of them and more. Oh the joy of the Birthday Party Show !

  2. Bill Smith says:

    Although i have not performed vent in a few years, I always enjoyed doing birthday parties. I know alot of others do not, & actually seem to FEAR them, but those, & libraries, were always my favorite shows. Of course they didn’t all go well, but that will happen anywhere. Guess i was also lucky, as i never once had a problem getting my money. Nice article Bob, can’t wait to see your answers.

  3. Melissa Fields says:

    Where do I begin? We have been to countless shows where Bob Abdou
    has performed. Many times we traveled long distances just to see him; we even have waited in long lines an hour before the show just to ensure we got into the performance). His shows are always a blast and he is constantly using new material. (We have been to other performances where other entertainers use the same material over and over – boring!) My son and his friends always enjoy watching Bob perform and they talk about it for days afterwards. Even though we have seen Bob perform many times, I had to ask him to perform at my 5 year old son’s birthday party last year; I mean we feel like family because we have seen him so much. Let me tell you, the kids were amazed at how fun his show was and all the adults were laughing outloud! He even did some things we had never seen before.

    I recommend anyone getting into the “business” follow Bob’s lead as he is a true professional in our area! He has performed at many libraires, schools, parties, etc so he has a very fabulous reputation. He is obviously doing something right! You go Bob!

    Best wishes to newbies!

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